Toothaches are very distressing and should be looked at as soon as possible. Generally there is a formation of an abscess (collection of pus) that results in pain from teeth.

In children the major causes of pain from the mouth are

  1. Decay that has reached the nerve of the tooth causing an abscess (collection of pus underneath the tooth in the jaw)
  2. A fractured filling or a tooth that has exposed the nerve resulting in an abscess
  3. gum disease
  4. erupting teeth

There are lots of other causes that need to be evaluated before a definitive diagnosis can be made.

Depending on the cause, the options of treatment are

  1. Removal of the Tooth
  2. Root Canal Treatment
  3. Filling
  4. Gum Treatment

Generally we like to save your child’s teeth so that they can chew and not get any problems that result from loss of teeth such as crowding or crooked teeth. Also permanent teeth may not be able to erupt properly due to moving of other teeth into their spaces etc

However, if their tooth or teeth are way beyond saving then the only option is to take the tooth out.

A full evaluation in context of the whole mouth and the long term prognosis of their teeth in general is needed before treatments are carried out. The treatment options are discussed with you in detail including the procedures involved, the time it will take and the costs.

Removal of teeth

If their tooth or teeth are not salvageable then a suggestion to remove the tooth would be provided. The consequences of removal of teeth, however, are that the surrounding teeth tip over and the teeth on the opposing arch of you mouth overerupt. This causes a change in bite long term and ultimately cause jaw joint problems. Also teeth start moving resulting in crooked teeth and inability of permanent teeth to erupt in their normal position.

Teeth may be removed under local anaestheisa or under sedation

Root Canal Treatment

The alternative to extracting your tooth, is saving it. This is done by performing a root canal treatment

This procedure has three parts to it.

  1. Removal of the dead dying nerve and the pus
  2. cleaning the nerve space
  3. filling the nerve space

The first part is done in the first visit to get you out of pain. The second and the third parts can either be done in one visit or 2 visits.

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