Laser Dentistry

The latest revolution in dentistry is the dental laser. We utilize the advanced technology of dental lasers to perform leading-edge dentistry for our patients.

Dental lasers allow us to perform special dental functions without changing or damaging the surrounding tissues of your mouth. By delivering energy in the form of a concentrated light beam, the dental laser is able to easily and smoothly perform specific functions in the tight crevices of your mouth.

Lasers are very specific in regard to the wavelength produced. This means that there must be a different laser for each type of procedure that you want to complete. There is little or no sound associated with laser treatment, a pleasant treat for the dental patient who has experienced the whine of the dental drill.

Lasers can be used in a variety of dental procedures including


A Special Laser is used first to detect whether there is any decay in your your teeth (except if it already so big that you can see it!). This is done with a diagnodent laser.


With laser dentistry we can detect decay in your teeth and treat it painlessly, way before it destroys most of your tooth and before any dentist can even see it with their naked eye. This helps prevent further pain, damage to your teeth and really saves you money and repeated dental treatments.

The Erbium YAG laser can then be used to remove decay, painlessly, before restoring your tooth to its healthy state with a tooth coloured filling. There is no vibration, or numbness and you’ll be comfortable for the entire treatment.

Frenectomies & tongue ties

Many people have lips and tongues that are held too tight by the frenum (that ligament that attaches your lips and your tongue to your gum and jaw bone). This can cause gum recession in between the teeth (mainly the front upper and front lower teeth).  It can impede speech (especially in children) and sometimes it keeps teeth separated, also common in children. Many babies can find it difficult to suckle if they have a tied tongue. Mothers, midwives and doctors see this often.

The conventional surgery to release frenums is quite traumatic, painful and can take a long time to heal. With lasers we can precisely and painlessly remove the tissue making it more comfortable for you. There is no bleeding afterwards, no sutures and hardly any discomfort. Children go to school the day after and adults can go back to work the same day.  Eating is normal and a baby will suckle immediately after the procedure! It is a truly amazing way to have surgery.

Laser dentistry is the one of the most advanced methods to treat many dental problems. Laser dentistry is now the dentistry of choice as it causes no pain and discomfort, no bleeding, no cuts and hence no sutures and even no noise. Laser dentistry is widely used in paediatric dentistry procedures as children are not subjected to pain and discomfort that is averted by using anesthetics in ordinary dentistry.  There is not even a disturbing grinding sound that is so unnerving for children.

Laser dentistry Sydney is the preferred choice for various dentistry procedures at Sydney Chidrens Dentistry.

A laser is an intense light beam that produces a specific wave length of energy that can be directed to any specific place. The energy emitted by a laser beam will act only on that place and no other. In laser dentistry the dental laser can be used for many functions. It can be used to detect tooth caries, it can treat tooth decay and it can also act on tissues such as the frenum that can cause tied tongue in children.

As a diagnostic tool dental lasers having a particular wave length of emitted beam can detect caries even before a dentist can detect it with the naked eye and long before a caries causes pain in the little patient. A Diagnodent laser or diagnostic dental laser can do this job efficiently.

A laser dental tool is also used in treatment of decayed tooth. Even tooth decay that is not obvious is detected and a specific laser dental tool is used to treat the decay so that it is completely and painlessly treated so that the teeth are restored to normal good health once again.

One of the most important uses of laser paediatric dentistry is for the correction of toed tongue syndrome, a condition where the normal movement of the tongue is restricted because of extra attachment to the frenum or the connective tissue at the back of the mouth to which the jaws are also connected. Due to this problem, children can suffer from speech impediment, difficulty in suckling etc.

A dental laser tool specifically for the purpose can remove the extra tissue so that the tongue is released and the problems arising from the tongue being tied are also relieved. Laser dentistry in this case leaves no trauma or scars to heal and is completely painless so that the child can go back to school the very next day.

If conventional surgery was used for this dental problem, it would have been traumatic, painful and would take a long time to heal. Laser dentistry in Sydney is practiced at Sydney Childrens Dentistry and is the procedure of choice in many cases.

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