Ear Infections

FACTMany children with inner ear infections can possibly have a cause of narrow jaws. 

FACT: Children with deep dental overbites are 2.8 times more likely to have ear tubes (grommets) placed or recommended by a paediatric ENT.

There are many causes of middle ear infections and one of the causes is mechanical obstruction by the tonsils and adenoids.

Due to this mechanical obstruction you child would then breathe through their mouth rather than the nose and therefore not allowing the tongue to sit on the roof of the mouth

You can carry out a simple experiment by trying to breathe through you nose and noticing that your tongue will sit on the front part of the top jaw. If you were then to try to breathe through the mouth then you will observe that the tongue actually sits on the bottom jaw.

The tongue is designed to develop your child’s jaw as they grow by pushing the top jaw forward therefore allowing the bottom jaw to develop as well.

If you child cannot breathe through their mouth the top jaw does not develop properly and therefore the jaw keeps on blocking the tube that connects the middle ear to the throat. This tube gets clogged with mucus and therefore results in multiple ear infections.


Please seek medical or dental advice regarding the information above.

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