Pediatric Dentistry

Just to advice you, we are not a specialst pediatric dentist but a general dentist with special interest in pediatric dentistry.

The importance of dental care can never be lessened as the relation between healthy teeth, oral hygiene, corrective dentistry and general good health, longevity and well being is being better understood each day. Dental care has to begin from an early age as early as a few months of age when the first baby tooth comes out.

Regular visits to a pediatric dentistry should begin when the first tooth makes its appearance and continue at regular intervals of 3 to 6 months until the child is of 12 years of age. A regular dentist can be consulted thereafter. Between the ages of a few months to the age of 12, children have different dental care issues that need to be addressed. Early examination and treatment of a dental problem can save much trouble than if the problem would go undetected or untreated in the formative years of children.

Sydney Childrens Dentistry is a general dentist that has special interest in Pediatric dentistry and is committed to promote dental health in children through advice, examination and treatment. Sydney Childrens Dentistry has a team of trained and experienced dentists in the subject and is equipped with the latest and advanced dentistry equipment.

Since most children find a dental or any medical clinic scary, it is important to put the young patients at ease. A pediatric dentist is trained to look after very young children and is accustomed to make them feel comfortable. Regular visits to the pediatric dental care clinic builds a rapport between the child and the pediatric dentist and the child is at ease during examination and dental treatment.

All services including treatment of dental caries, overcrowding of teeth, occlusion, dental sealant treatment, orthopedic and orthodontic treatment, tied tongue syndrome and any other problems related with children’s dental care are offered at Sydney Childrens Dentistry.

It is advisable to consult a dentist for any problems relating to children’s health, as many a times, problems that seem to be unrelated to dental health are in fact closely related to it. Seemingly unrelated problems such as snoring or breathing problems or bed wetting or even multiple ear infections can be due to problems in oral health and need to be diagnosed and treated by a dentist who has knowledge in this area.

Complete preventive children’s dental care programs including regular dental examinations, use of toothpaste containing fluoride, good oral hygiene habits such as correct brushing of teeth, nutritious diet, should be undertaken so that children do not have to suffer serious consequences of neglect that can be reflected on their general health and development.

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